Digital transformation and disruption is affecting all industries:  ARE YOU PREPARED?


There has been significant changes in the business environment leading into the 4th industrial revolution.  Some of the catalysts for this change include;

  • Increased customer demands. Customers are demanding more from businesses including improved experiences, better service, lower costs and protection of their private information.
  • Economic challenges faced by both countries and companies
  • Digital natives and millennials. The new generation of people who have grown up with digital technologies and expect all interactions to be seamless, online and personalised.
  • Technological. Technologies are no longer evolving in a linear fashion where there is time to catch up, technologies are evolving at an exponential rate with new uses and disruptions becoming common place.
  • Increased competitiveness. Innovation and increased digital capabilities are increasing competition, no longer do you only have to worry about the competitors in your space, but increasingly you need to consider competitors from other industries and countries.

To respond to these pressures, meet their customer expectations and reduce costs many organisations are about to, or have started to, embark on a journey of digital transformation

Are you asking these questions?

  • Who are my customers and what do they want?
  • Do we have the right culture to leadership for a successful transformation?
  • What product or service can be offered digitally?
  • How can we deliver quicker and faster?
  • Are we in danger of being disrupted?

If you are not asking yourself these questions, and transforming your business for agility, flexibility, digitisation and digitilisation, you are at risk.


Culture Transformation

Culture transformation

  • Culture assessment
  • TO-BE Culture identification
  • Change management
  • Consulting

Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

  • Process assessments
  • Process optimisation
  • Process automation
  • Consulting



  • Document Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Imaging
  • ECM Consulting

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

  • Digital maturity assessments
  • Business model innovation
  • Programme management
  • Leadership transformation



Our POPIA Services include:

  • POPIA Awareness training
  • POPIA GAP Analysis
  • POPIA Implementation
  • POPIA Consulting

Records Managemennt

Records Management:

  • RM training
  • RM gap analysis
  • RM implementation
  • RM Consulting

Treat customers fairly

Treat customers fairly:

  • TCF Awareness training
  • TCF Gap Analysis
  • TCF Implementation
  • TCF Consulting


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