About Us:

Our Purpose:

We help businesses adapt to the future.

Our Mission:

We help businesses be more competitive through digital business transformation.

Our Values:

Be Accountable, Collaborative and Act with Integrity

What we do:

We help business and IT assess, plan and implement digital transformation strategies that enable new business models that are digital, lean, agile and customer orientated.

We also work with the people across all levels of the organisation and provide the necessary interventions and training to have the right culture, customer oriented and digital savvy staff.

Why choose us:

We are passionate: We eat, sleep and dream digital.

We are focused: We are a niche digital transformation specialist firm.

We are digitally savvy, we are constantly researching digital disruptions and innovations, attending conferences and talking to industry leaders ensuring that we are informed specialists, bringing you the best advice and service.

We understand people, we know that having the right strategies, processes and technology is not enough. Having the right culture, empowered,  committed teams and top notch people is essential in creating a customer obsessed organisation. Our interventions and training is relevant, modern and we pride ourselves that we make an real difference in the lives of the people we work with.

We are lean and agile,  we maintain a core team and prefer to outsource and/or partner with the best companies in the different industry who are good at what they do, to ensure that the digital advice, consulting, training and implementations we do –  is best in class.

We understand technology, our team has been in the technology industry for many years, implementing enterprise technologies around customer service, websites, social media, mobile, digitisation, process re-engineering, analytics, biometrics, automation, content and information management.

Giving back:

We are committed to giving back to the community and helping create a better South Africa for all its citizens.

We are currently sponsoring the education of a learner through high School, and are busy investigating sponsoring initiatives such as DQ Project, iZ Hero to help educate school children around digital intelligence. Author Yuhyun Park describes “Digital Intelligence” as “the set of social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face the challenges and adapt to the demands of digital life.

Our Leadership Team:

Christelle Bure
Christelle BureDirector: Training and Delivery
Christelle is passionate about helping companies and people succeed in todays digital era.

Christelle was a director in a learning and development institution where she gained an appreciation for the impact that quality personal development can have in the lives of people when executed with passion and caring, Christelle ensures that the training and personal development done by Metatrans is relevant, modern, applicable to the digital age and makes an real difference in the lives of the people trained through us. Christelle is also a personal coach and understands that enabling the right culture, empowered teams and top notch people is critical to business and people success.

Christelle has implemented projects and programmes in the traditional and agile frameworks across various industries, sector and segments, and is passionate about the value of quality project delivery in organisations. She is a skilled facilitator and has been known to lock stakeholders in her office when critical decisions need to be made.

Geoff Nell
Geoff NellDirector: Digital Transformation Consulting
Geoff is passionate about all things digital and the impact it can have on society, companies and cultures.

Geoff started out in IT as a programmer, and later moved into design, architecture, IT management and business management. The digitisation, online and social programmes implemented have provided deep insight into the impact digital can have on organisations, specifically around ways of working, cost reduction and new innovation opportunities.

In 2014, Geoff embraced his passion for digital disruption, innovation and agility, and co-founded Metatrans Business Services to focus on Digital Business Consulting. Through Metatrans, Geoff has had the opportunity to help companies identify opportunities to leverage off the changing IT landscape and implement solutions that will ensure sustainability and competitiveness.

Our Clients:

Institutes and Memberships: