Do you need and Interim IT or Business Project/Programme Manager?

Interim Project and Programme Managers give organisations the experience they need, at the time they need it.

These Interim Managers:

  • Hit the ground running
  • Start adding immediate value
  • Can provide their own teams on-site (if needed)
  • Are not encumbered by political baggage
  • Assure a seamless handover

There is no recruitment fee, no payroll adjustments, no BEE or HR processes, and no termination costs.

When you employ an interim Project or Programme Manager, you are not just filling a resource gap, you are gaining the business insight and professional expertise that comes from people who have already worked at the top of leading organisations.

The concept of Interim Project and Programme Management is starting to do really well overseas and with companies under constant pressure to increase performance, improve processes and reduce costs, interim project management becomes a viable option.  In South Africa, interim project management is not something many of us are familiar with, although the use of contractors has been done for years.

Interim Project- and Programme Managers run their own successful businesses!

Interim project management is the provision of Project & Programme Management who  will join forces with you to:

Consult – Plan, Implement, Review – then Exit.

As businesses in their own right, they offer independent expertise, and take responsibility for delivering results.

Interim project managers are aware that the best business is repeat business and referrals so they are results and delivery orientated and understand the importance of knowledge transfer and fostering networking relationships.

Years ago, it was mainly through circumstance that this resource existed, but today, things are different. Changing lifestyle patterns, the support of technologies and the desire for people to be their own boss are fuelling the supply side of this rapidly growing sector.

Many talented people want to live their professional lives in this way. They are not simply available because they are between permanent jobs; they are committed, qualified, mobile, freelance executives, practiced in delivering value.

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Interim Project and Programme Managers available NOW

There are numerous  benefits to the company when engaging with Metatrans for an interim project or programme manager is that they are generally available at short notice for short duration assignments.
The interim project and program manager is highly experienced and qualified in programme and project management, which means no unnecessary delays on your project while they get up to speed, they will start making a contribution from very early on.

We provide simple entry, exit proposals with agreed delivery outcomes and duration to make the engagement as quick and simple as possible.vices

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