7 Reasons why a project coach adds Value!

We have all heard of Coaching, but it is often seen as a luxury and reserved for CEO’s or executive management within the organisation.

But project management coaching can provide excellent benefits to the organisation, the project team and the project manager.  We have seen tremendous success and personal growth in the project managers we have worked with in the past.  Sponsors, Stakeholders and Project Managers alike feel the immediate, positive impact of having a Project Coach on their side.

Here are the 7 Reasons why coaching project managers adds value:

Provide project management direction with a coach

1. Improved Project Leadership

Project Managers often get caught in the methodologies or the process of managing the project, and lack guidance on how to develop their leadership skills.  Project Management coaching provides guidance by questioning, challenging and supporting the project manager.

The Coach provides non emotional insight into a current situation or challenge, helping the project manager to hone and sharpen their leadership, management and leadership skills.

Provide talent management direction with a coach

2. Talent management

Coaching is a very effective way of building up the talented people who are managing projects but have not gained much experience on the complexities of different project situations.

It is also excellent when fast tracking a junior project managers career to gain the confidence, skills and experience in a short space of time.

3. Tap into experience

A great deal of project management experience and success is understood by looking back on projects that you have managed and understanding what you would do differently next time. By utilizing an experienced coach, a lot of this experience can be tapped into without having the experience yourself, and can help identify gains much quicker.

Coaching is excellent to identify alternative approaches approaches to a situation or challenge that you may be facing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the project manager will, or should, change the proposed approach – but it might give them something to think about if timelines are tight, or if they need to innovate to ensure benefits will be realised and the project will succeed

The project coach will be an experienced project manager, a project coach can help the project team properly scope out the project or manage changes in overall goals and deliverables

4. Personal development

Coaching increases self-awareness and equips project managers with the tools and knowledge to better understand yourself and then tweak behaviours to foster positive relationships with the team and stakeholders. It has also been observed that coaching increases your emotional intelligence around self-awareness and self-management, improved communications skills and increased self-esteem.


5. Interpersonal Development

Project Management is about working with people to get things done, and as such encompasses a lot of soft skills including teamwork, conflict management and negotiation skills.  It has been found that behavioural competencies have a significant affect project success.

The most effective method to improve or modify behavioural competencies, is through repetition, ongoing practice and feedback.

The Project Coach is actively involved with the Project Manager, either Overtly or Covertly, depending on the needs of the specific Project Manager or Project Organisation.  As a Covert intervention, the Coach remains invisible to everyone but the Project Manager (and Sponsor, depending on who brings the Coach in).  The Coach will prep the Project Manager and debrief after the interaction to verify effectiveness of the activity.

In a scenario where the Coach openly accompanies the Project Manager, all feedback is instant and first hand.  The two models are not mutually exclusive, and will be customised per intervention.

6. Project Objectivity

The Coach is unbiased!  The Coach is not Political! The Coach has no Hidden Agenda!

Think about the value that complete objectivity and a fresh perspective means to the project.  Facts, incidents or challenges which may have been overlooked by the project manager, can be brought to the surface quickly, reminding the project managers of the wider context of the project, helping them to see the big picture.

Project Coach setting Project Manager loose

7. Performance Management

Coaching can be initiated with a Project Maturity – or Personality Assessment if required.  This will guide the Coach and the Project Manager into areas where Performance improvement is needed.  Coaching can also be used when project managers are under-performing and need to have certain behavioural skills strengthened and issues with performance corrected.

Although Coaching is not an alternative to performance management, it is a useful tool for line managers to use once under-performance or developmental areas have been identified.

Coaching has been found to improve and enhance project management performance and engagement by helping them to learn rather than teaching them, this has the added benefit of increasing employee motivation. Coaching provides a safe space to test new behavior and explore fears and anxieties, thereby improving coping and stress management skills.

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