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Our Motto:

We do not simply provide training. Our mission is to deeply impact each person who attends training…. to set in motion a Chain Reaction from which change is inevitable!

  • Our Facilitators and Trainers are 100 % prepared

  • We provide the BEST on-site support and provoke Personal Growth

  • We provide Attendance Certificates for each person who completes the course

  • Our classes are FUN, SAFE and Fully Interactive

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Some of our TOP Training Courses (As rated by our students)

With an average rating of  4 1/2 out of 5, these are the most Favorited and Requested courses we have on offer.

Emotional Intelligence

Metatrans Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence is the most sought after skill which helps students gradually uncover their own triggers, motivators, and patterns Safely and steadily working on their own personal mastery

Creative Intelligence

Creative Intelligence is about Innovative Thinking! It covers include stools and techniques to allow for a Paradigm shift in Problem Solving Ability

Digital Intelligence

Metatrans Digital Intelligence Course

Digital Intelligence is a brand new concept which we need to become familiar with quickly.  It covers Digital Identity, rights, security, safety and literacy,  and is becoming a key component of each person’s own personal mastery

Leadership in a Digital World

Leadership will look very different in the near future, and we are already seeing the signs of a a digitally enabled, virtual workforce which needs a completely different leadership intervention. Prepare today, or be left behind

Modern Business Communication

Business Communication is Changing!  We cannot do what we have always done and hope the results will stay the same.  All aspects of Verbal, Written, Presented and Listening needs a whole new set of skills to survive in a world where non-verbal cues becomes scarce.

Personal & Professional Skills

Expand your set of Personal and Professional skills with our range of empowering short courses which will help you with aspects like Customer Excellence, Innovative Thinking, Assertiveness and Problem solving,  to help catapult your career.

Our People Development Interventions:

  • Assessments:

  • of the Culture of your Organisation, Department or Team, in terms of

    Agility; Adaptability; or Emotional Intelligence

  • of Individuals, in terms of:

    Emotional Intelligence; Leadership Readiness; or Personal Agility

  • Design and/or Rollout of Personal Development Programmes, aimed specifically:

    towards the individual; or towards the team

  • Blended Learning Options for formal training to suit your specific needs.  These include:

    Classroom-based Training; Group-Activities; Online Self-Study; and Online Assessments

  • We offer specialised Coaching where needed.  These could be in the form of:

    One-on-one Leadership Coaching; One-on-one Emotional Intelligence Coaching;

    Group Teamwork Coaching; or Teambuilds

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The future of you and your teamis here! You can  start changing your life We can help you get there.  Click on any of our blogs for more information.


The training made me self aware and helped me find out what I need to change to be successful. I enjoyed the activities and the critical feedback received without feeling judged.


The group interactions ito creating a business concept. The different personalities and perspectives working as one towards a common goal.


Survival kit for the future


AWESOME course, learnt so much!




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