Creative intelligence is essential for any organization to prevent stagnation and to keep the business moving forward. The process of creative thinking is not always easy, and some stimulation may be necessary.

The good news is that even if you don’t think of yourself as a “creative person”, creativity is a natural part of how the brain works. It’s like a muscle you can strengthen with the right tools. These aren’t skills many of us learned in school, but anyone can master them.


The following are 10 reasons why creativity is important in a business.

  1. Creative intelligence helps you to see opportunities
  2. Creativity is the key to innovation. When issues come up, you’ll be able to think of ways over, under, or through the roadblocks.
  3. Creativity stimulates the brain and helps us to wake up and pay attention.
  4. Creative intelligence helps you keep your service offering fresh.
  5. Creativity helps you shift your perception so you can better understand your customers’ point of view.
  6. Creativity gives you a higher tolerance for risk
  7. Creativity improves your leadership skills.
  8. Creativity helps you to broaden your vision of what it means to be successful
  9. Creativity strengthens your resilience.
  10. Creativity invites flow and feels good, and when you feel good, you attract..


The following are the different forms of thinking;

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Lateral thinking
  3. Critical or analytical thinking


The following are some of the myths about creative thinking;

  1. Every problem has only one solution (or one right answer).
  2. The best answer/solution/method has already been found.
  3. Creative answers are complex technologically.
  4. Ideas either come or they don’t. Nothing will help.


The following are mental blocks to Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

  1. Prejudice.
  2. Functional fixation.
  3. Learned helplessness.
  4. Psychological blocks

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